Important COVID-19 Updates

As we get ready to open registration for our 2021 events, we’re cautiously optimistic that the rollout of the vaccines will have us back to “normal” running by the time we lace em’ up for our first event on April 24 at Rock Hawk!  However, if some government restrictions are still in place, we’ll utilize our COVID safety protocol that we implemented successfully at the two races we weren’t forced to cancel in 2020; Chase the Moon and Rock Hawk.  So no matter what happens, trust that you’ll be able to enjoy safe, organized, run and fantastic trail racing experiences with us in-person at the Bear Chase Race Series events.

Please stay engaged with us through our Facebook page, and have a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays.  Best of luck with your training in the new year and we’ll look forward to seeing you out on the trails for some real-life racing in 2021!

~ David Manthey, Race Director (December 21, 2020)